My Family

My Family

Monday, February 3, 2014

Morgan's 6th Birthday!

A week ago Morgan turned 6!!!  Where has the time gone?  I remember when she was born and that seems like yesterday!  We are having her party later this month, but on her birthday she got to pick what she wanted to do and she wanted to go bowling.  Tyson and I even joined in on the bowling and I couldn't believe it when Morgan bowled a 100, and she beat me, and ALMOST beat Tyson!  She got a strike and a few spares!

After bowling we took her to Red Robin for lunch where they sang Happy Birthday to her and she got a free Ice Cream Sundae!  That night we had cupcakes for dessert, she had an overall great day!  Every year I do a birthday interview and here is this years.  In case if your interested you can find last years interview HERE.

What is your favorite color:  Purple

What is your favorite food:  Ravioli

Who is your best friend:  Ava and Madison

What is your favorite book:  Doc McStuffins

What does Mom do best:  Take me to the zoo

What does Dad do best:  Let's me walk the dogs with him

What is your favorite animal:  AhAh (her prized stuffed monkey)

What is your favorite thing to do with Mom and Dad:  Play

What is your favorite place: To go and get ice cream

What is your age: 6

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Menu

It is another week and it is cold here!  I love the winter time because I can make all my yummy comfort food!  I still have been meaning to update on the girls, hopefully I can get to that this week sometime!  Have a great week!!!

Sunday:  White Chicken Enchiladas and Spanish Rice

Monday:  Slow Cooker French Dips, Pasta Salad and Fries

Tuesday:  Pork Chops, Creamy Noodles and Green Beans

Wednesday:  Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Corn

Thursday:  Crock Pot Chicken Phillys (we haven't had this yet), and Fries

Friday:  Pizza Night

Saturday:  Steak, Mushrooms and Onions, and Baked Potatoes

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Menu

Correction:  Because I am an air head and because I have three kids, because Halloween is right around the corner, because Christmas is two months away and Morgan's birthday is three months away.  I messed up when the BSU game is and that changes my menu!

I need to get back on track with my menu situation.  It just makes my nights easier when I know what I am making!  I am loving the fall weather, and I am ready to cook some comfort food!!!

Sunday:  Crockpot Cube Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Corn and Crescent Rolls

Monday:  Pork Chops, Au Gratin Potatoes and Green Beans

Tuesday:  Hamburger Sandwich (new recipe for me, I found it here), Pasta Salad and Fries

Wednesday: Sausage and Peppers, Rigatoni and Garlic Bread

Thursday:  Crockpot Chicken Philly Cheesesteaks (another new recipe), Salad and Onion Rings

Friday:  Appetizers.  Chicken Wings, potato skins and some kind of dip

Saturday: Cheeseburgers, hotdogs and fries (we have friends coming over)

Well I am off to do some more laundry!  Have a great week!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Menu

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything.  I have just been trying to get a "new" routine since all the girls are in school this year!  Right now Cameryn and Jaidyn are attending a preschool at an elementary school.  This program that they are in is through the state.  If you have a child with speech delay, once they turn 3 they are required to go through the school district rather then having their personal therapist come to the house.  Morgan started kindergarten as well (where did the time go?) and she is at a completely different elementary school.  Right now I feel nothing short of a chauffeur!!!

Here is the deal, Cameryn and Jaidyn can ride the bust to and from school,  however since they are so shy I knew that there was NO way they would get on the bus.  So the past 3 weeks I have been dropping them off at 9 am and picking them up at 12 noon.  Today they rode the bus home and will continue for the week in hopes that I can get them on the bus in the morning starting next week and I won't have to be driving back and forth as much.  Originally we were going to have Morgan go to kindergarten at the same time that the twins were in school, but she got put in the afternoon class which is 1255-350.  Now I could of had that changed but that meant I would have to get her to the bus stop, drop the girls off, pick the girls up 15 minutes early to get Morgan from school.  Her school only buses in that am and home in the pm, there is no middle pick up.  So I decided it was best to keep it where it is at.  It is just better overall and I get some one on one time with her!

So, with that said, I haven't had a lot of time to blog as I am busy driving EVERY WHERE while running errands, , cleaning the house, cooking, etc.  I will try to get another post done this week along with some pictures so I can update all of you!  Have a great week!

Sunday:  Kielbasa, noodles, and tomatoes and cucumbers

Monday:  Sweet and Sour Chicken (yummy, recipe here), fried rice (my favorite) and egg rolls

Tuesday:  Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread

Wednesday:  Brauts, tator tots, beans and coleslaw

Thursday:  Pork Chops, cheesy potatoes and green beans

Friday:  Beef and snow peas (from PW, haven't had it yet) rice and egg rolls

Saturday:  Roasted chicken legs, and potatoes

Now I am off to cook my dinner!  Have a great week everyone and stay tuned, I promise to get some pictures loaded up!!